The CKT course is set into three modules which enables practitioners to begin using CKT to treat allergies after the initial four days.

Module One

  • Clinical Evaluation, CVI, Typology, Basic Iris Diagnosis, Pulse
  • Cranial Mapping. Basic Organ and System Testing
  • Testing for Food and External Allergens
  • Testing for Vaccine and Virus issues
  • Supportive Techniques
  • Learning and Practicing a CKT Treatment.

Module Two – expanding on Module 1

  • Advanced Organ & System Testing
  • Structural and Physiological Evaluation
  • Identifying Patterns and Pathways
  • Testing and Treating Emotional Connections
  • Using a Surrogate for Treatment

Module Three

  • Expanding on Module Two
  • Testing for Self limiting Beliefs
  • Looking at Spiritual Vows and Karmic Links
  • Negative Attachments
  • Sending a Distant Treatment
  • Using Symbols to Enhance a Treatment
  • Final evaluation – Certificate Presentation
✓ FHT Accredited
✓ Fully Insurable
✓ Fully Mobile
✓ Open Your Own Practice
✓ 100% Natural Therapy
✓ No Expensive Equipment

CKT is incredibly effective at removing allergies, which as you will have noticed are increasingly making headline news, as the number of sufferers is dramatically increasing. Peanut allergies alone increased 400% over a three year period to 2002 according to the Royal College of Physicians, making 1 in 70 children allergic to peanuts, 1 in 50 allergic to nuts in general.

By focusing on health instead of illness, CKT is a useful antidote to some aspects of conventional medicine. By treating the “prime cause” rather than the symptoms, CKT diffuses the problem rather than pushing it deeper into the body, leading to chronic disease. Some of these illnesses were practically unknown until recently, MRSA, CDIF, and GRE are obvious candidates, and many others are probably yet to be classified.

Latex allergy now prevalent was virtually unheard of 30 years ago, whilst asthma, eczema, ME/CFS, lupus, hayfever and urticaria are becoming ever more common. In fact the list is almost endless, depression, anxiety, sleep problems, drug abuse, alcoholism and eating disorders, have all responded positively to CKT.

For the practitioner it is one of the most powerful and easy to use tools you can add to your skills, offering a myriad of healing possibilities. By, identifying and treating the prime cause, many symptoms can disappear leaving the patient feeling lighter, more optimistic, and able to focus on their wellbeing rather than the despair of chronic disease.

The majority of students are already working in the natural health industry, such as Chiropractors, Reflexologists, Massage Therapists and Healers.

A knowledge of Anatomy and Physiology is helpful, however the most important requirement of this course is an open mind and good, clear intentions. If you decide you are interested in the course, an informal chat can be arranged to explain further.

CKT courses are held in a variety of locations, throughout the year. If you would like more information then please contact us us for a full prospectus or download a copy below.

October 9th – 12th
November 14th – 16th
December 12th – 14th
£450 deposit
£800 payable one week prior to the course start date
Total Cost: £1250.00